Medium Circular Knitting Machine

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Model No. : CY-MC01

Application:Multi-function headwear for riding bicycle or motorcycle. Underwear and underpants. Children and adult garments or related unwoven products.
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Category: Knitting Machine



Cylinder Diameter Gauge Power Feeder R.P.M.
12” ~ 22” Below 32G 1HP ~ 5HP 24F ~ 44F 30 ~ 80


Space Occupied:400CMX400CM  Height:300CM

Machine Features

  • Electronic counting can stop machine running and cut power immediately so as to reduce the waste of material and power.
  • System of positive feeder.
  • Yam creel for machine aside.
  • Auto lubricator.
  • 360° radar cleaning fan.
  • Stepless variable speed take down device.
  • Synchronous density adjustment plate.
  • Number of Needle can be appointed at the request of customer.
  • The voltage and frequency of motor can be appointed at the request of customer.