Double Side Computerized Jacquard Machine

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Model No. : CY-CGJ01-C

Application:Grain cap, indoor socks, scarves, etc.
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Category: Knitting Machine



Cylinder Diameter Gauge Power Feeder R.P.M.
4" ~ 16" Below 18G (Double side) 1/2HP ~ 1HP - 10" ~ 50/8" ~ 60/4" ~ 70


Packing List

6'' 290KGS 395KGS 120CM × 87CM × 220CM
7'' 310KGS 450KGS 125CM × 102CM × 220CM
8 1/2'' 320KGS 460KGS 138CM × 109CM × 220CM
10'' 330KGS 470KGS 138CM × 109CM × 220CM


Space Occupied:110CMX100CM  Height:300CM

Machine Features

  • Pattern and setting up parameter can be saved in USB input and output.
  • Possibility of 4 color plus ground on the same line.
  • One main feed plus three pattern feeds on the same course.
  • Pattern Depth up to 480,000 dots.(BMP)
  • Actuator can be chosen freely during 8 butts.
  • For differing way of knitting. It can purchase optional parts.
  • Available in 220/380/415V, 3phase 50/60Hz
  • Number of Needle can be appointed at the request of customer.
  • The voltage and frequency of motor can be appointed at the request of customer.